The University of the People General Scholarship Fund for the Deserving

It is undeniable that online education is gaining mainstream attention. Actually, it provides unique solutions for problems you usually face as a student. For example, you might want to enroll in a university but it is located thousands of miles away. How would you solve it? Would it require you to purchase expensive tickets and undergo tedious immigration processes in just applying for the visa? Another example, you want to enroll in a university but your work schedule is in constant conflict with its usual class schedule? How would you

The Henry Schein Scholarship Fund of the University of the People: Innovation on Generosity

Technology offers opportunity to trail blaze on how you do things. It is undeniable that technology is shaping the future. For you to be successful in today’s digital age, you need to embrace innovation in everything you do. Actually, innovation is the new standard on how organizations operate. Organizations that do not adapt with the changing environment go out of business. The demands of innovation is actually a game changing factor. In educational setting, universities and colleges are facing an unprecedented disruption – the concept of online education. Online education

Charisma University and Global Association for Quality Management’s Masters of Business Administration in Business Management

After hurdling at least three years of undergraduate studies, you finally made it. You graduated and now you are working or owning a business. Then suddenly, you just realized that reality demands more time. Actually, it is not just time but training and knowledge as well. A dilemma is apparent. Enrolling in a business graduate school is a boost to your professional competency and credentials but it takes time and cost a lot to enroll. Otherwise, you will be missing many opportunities attached on earning an MBA. Assuming that you