Charisma University and Global Association for Quality Management’s Masters of Business Administration in Six Sigma

Online universities are disrupting the traditional mode for education. You have the opportunity to earn a degree ranging from undergraduate degrees to diplomas and graduate degrees without even attending a physical class in a physical classroom. Online universities understand your apparent and possible limitations. For example, you want a step-up in your credentials but you are just too busy to enroll into a full-time program. Online universities offer you classes through online. It means that you will just be needing a reliable internet and a computer or loptop to attend the ‘virtual’ class. This set up saves you a lot of time and even money! You don’t need to transfer to the city where the school or university is located. In other words, you could complete your master’s degree anywhere in the world without disrupting your career! After completing the program, you will earn an online degree. Online colleges and universities offer vast array of programs. Most likely, they offer an online degree that is perfectly fit to your career needs.

If you are in the field of operations, productions, and project management, the Masters of Business Administration for Six Sigma is the right online degree for you. It is offered by the partnership of Charisma University and Global Association for Quality Management College of Higher Education. You might heard the term ‘six sigma’ in one of your corporate trainings and seminar. Six sigma is a scientific methodology on zeroing out defects from the operations while systemically improve the entire production. The theories and principles of Six Sigma are integrated to the standardized MBA courses. You have at most a year to complete the entire MBA in Six Sigma. The name of the degree ‘MBA in Six Sigma’ gives you edge because Six Sigma is an established quality management approach popular on business professionals in the field of operations, production, and project management. For you to be eligible for the degree, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in any field from any accredited colleges and universities as a minimum requirement. You should have 2 years of work experience at the time you are applying for the program. Once enrolled, the materials will be delivered through E-learning. E-learning is designed to concisely present the topics while giving you the chance to fully understand the concept and principle with minimal supervision from the professor. It will take 135 total learning hours to complete these set of courses. On the other hand, you need to take series of exams to complete the program. The exams are administered using ProctorU which allows you to take the exam anywhere in the planet. You will also be required to attend online sessions administered by Charism University. The total program cost is $2,100. Earning this MBA gives you a chance to improve your credentials on operations, productions, and project management. If you are from other field of business, earning this degree gives you an edge. Six Sigma could easily be integrated to the principles and theories of other fields of business because Six Sigma is all about streamlining operations and productions. This program is just few of the innovations made by online colleges and universities. The concept of online education is evolving. Just explore the internet and you will see hundreds of programs offered by these online colleges and universities.

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