A Pioneer in the Online Education Industry, the University of Phoenix

When thinking about one of the first online universities ever, the University of Phoenix always comes to mind. Truly, the University of Phoenix has always been one of the first and always present institution. Not only does the University of Phoenix have an extensive online degree program with millions of students enrolled across the US, they also have commuter campuses all over the US.

What makes the University of Phoenix the best? Well, basically, the length of time the University of Phoenix has been in the business of online education industry, the school has tremendous experience in the industry. Furthermore, the University of Phoenix also has a well covered faculty with true on-the-job experience who can provide students with in-depth knowledge in their field of study.

The University of Phoenix has also done an amazing job in integrating online and on campus courses to allow students to have flexible schedules which can work around their increasingly busy lives. Because the University of Phoenix has in the distant learning industry, since the early 1990s, the school has the capability of accommodating to the times and ever changing industry. Students also have access to a mobile app which allows students to access their coursework anywhere.

What is the guarantee I’ll get a job after graduation? Well, no one can guarantee whether you can get a job with a particular company after graduation, however, the University of Phoenix will give you the tools you need to land that career. All the courses offered at the University of Phoenix are career oriented. Furthermore, if you have extra experience, such as college credits from other schools or even military experience, this can be transferred over and work towards your career plan at the school.

The University of Phoenix also offers a risk free trial to see whether the school is a good fit for you or not. The free trial is rather easy to work with. The one drawback is that not all the online programs are available with the risk-free trial program. The way you take advantage of the trial, however, is by simply taking an introductory level in the course. The Admissions office of the University of Phoenix will have to make sure you did not attend any of the online courses and earned fewer than 24 credit hours at the University of Phoenix to qualify for the risk-free trial program.

The risk-free trial runs for three weeks and once you have completed the three-week trial period and continue to be enrolled, will you be invoiced tuition for the courses. You should check to make sure the course plan you want to enter into is eligible.

What courses are offered at the University of Phoenix? Well, because the University of Phoenix has been in the online education industry for more than twenty years, there are quite a few degree programs available. Some of the more popular ones are listed below.

  1. Business is one of the major degree programs available at the University of Phoenix. There is a whole myriad of degree programs in Business with Associate’s degrees in. Accounting Fundamentals and Business Fundamentals. When it comes to Bchelor’s degrees, the business school include Bachelor’s of the Arts and Sciences. Some examples include BSs in Accounting, Business, Management, Hospitality Management, Financial Planning, Human Resources, and more.
  2. Education is another field which is in high demand. However, the education programs at the University of Phoenix are primarily geared to those who are serious about being teachers in a grade school or high school environment. The two education degree programs are Bachelor’s degrees and they include BSs in both Early Child Education and Elementary Teacher Education.
  3. Criminal Justice is a department which has a good range of degree programs which include Associate’s and Bachelor’s programs, which include AA in Criminal Justice and BSs in Criminal Justice Administration, Criminal Justice Administration with certification in Security, and more.
  4. Humanities and Sciences are basically what used to be called the Liberal Arts. At the University of Phoenix, you can get a Bachelor’s in the Humanities and Sciences which include a BA in English and BSs in Communication and Environmental Sciences.

There are many other programs available at the University of Phoenix. To find out more, simply go to www.phoenix.edu.

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