Get an Online Degree from Penn State

One of the many prestigious colleges and universities who are currently offering online degree programs is Penn State University. The Penn State World Campus is a part of the prestigious Penn State University, which is the state university of Pennsylvania, located near Philadelphia.

What can Penn State World Campus offer me? Well, basically, with many of the online degree programs offered at Penn Sate World Campus, you can get an education and a degree from one of the country’s most prestigious universities from the convenience of your own home.

Penn State offers both undergraduate and graduate programs online. Penn State offers 40 credits for bachelor’s, certificates, and minors. When it comes to graduate studies, Penn State offers over 60 credit hours in Masters, Doctorates, and graduate certificates.

Basically, all the degree programs have the same standards and the same faculty online as those taught at any of Penn State’s brick and mortar campuses.

What undergraduate degrees are available at Penn State World Campus? Well, when it comes to undergraduate studies at Penn State World Campus, the school offers Bachelor’s, Associate’s and Certification programs in their undergraduate level. In the Bachelor’s programs, Penn State World Campus offers BAs in Accounting, Advertising, Finance, Criminal Justice, Integrated Social Sciences, International Politics, and more. Furthermore, the university also offers several online BS programs, which include Labor and Employment Relations, Energy and Sustainability Policy, Organizational Leadership, and more.

When it comes to Associate’s programs, Penn State World Campus also has a good variety of programs to choose from. Some of these programs include, but are not limited to Business Administration, Human Development and Family Studies, Information Sciences and Technology, Labor and Employment Relations, and more.

In the Undergraduate Department, the school also offers undergraduate certification courses and certain minors. Some of the undergraduate certification courses offered at Penn State World Campus include Adult Development and Aging Services, Children, Youth, and Family Services, and more. When it comes to minor studies, Penn State World Campus offers degrees in Business, Criminal Justice, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Geography, and more.

What graduate programs are available at Penn State World Campus? When applying for graduate programs at Penn State World Campus, you can earn Masters, Doctorates, or graduate certificates. Some of the Masters programs offered online by Penn State include degrees in Accounting, Applied Demography, Applied Statistics, MBA in Business Administration, Finance, and more.

If you are looking to get a doctorate, this is available, but a doctorate is very difficult to get. To earn a Doctorate, you must write a dissertation and argue a thesis. Doctoral programs at Penn State World Campus at this time are only limited to Nursing.

For graduate certification, Penn State World Campus offers graduate certificates in Accounting, Adult Basic Education, Applied Statistics, Distant Education, and more.

What does the admissions process require? Well, administration is rather easy. You first need to decide what type of student you are. There are different requirements for first-time, returning, or international students. For more information about Penn State World Campus, click here.

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