Get your Online Degree from the Pioneers of the Industry!

The University of Phoenix is one of the oldest online universities in the US. You could even say that the University of Phoenix has even pioneered the online education industry, when the internet was first being used on a large scale in the mid 1990s, when it was affectionately known as the”information superhighway.”

Flexible learning is one of the pivotal points on which one can measure the success of the University of Phoenix. What exactly is flexible learning? Well, basically, the University of Phoenix is so popular among students because it can allow those busy students who have jobs, families, and children to set a schedule which suites their busy lives.

Learning from anywhere is another benefit of a program from the University of Phoenix. Even in the 1990s, when most computers were big and clunky and most laptops didn’t even have internet connection, yet even then you could only connect to the internet though a phone jack, you could still learn from anywhere there was internet. However, now, where public wifi is almost everywhere and the internet can be accessed not only by computers, but also from smartphones and tablets. This learn from anywhere has truly been taken to the next mile.

Risk free trial is one of the newer things we have seen on the University of Phoenix website and this is truly revolutionary. No other online university we know of offers a risk free trial. What this trial offers is a three week period of time where you can take an introductory course which gives you actual college credits with no financial obligation. This means that you literally can take a course for three weeks without having to pay any kind of tuition and have a closer look at whether the school is the right fit for you or not.

Courses at the University of Phoenix are all career oriented and you have a large selection of career related courses to choose from. Some of the more popular courses available at the University of Phoenix include Business School programs, which include Accounting, Administration, Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship, and more. The University of Phoenix also offers large programs in Nursing and Certification programs also.

For more information on the University of Phoenix, simply click here to see if it is the right fit for you.

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