ASU Rated #1 by US News & World Report! See What ASU Can Do for You!

What exactly is ASU? Well, basically ASU is short for Arizona State University, which has been around for a long time. Like most state universities, ASU was founded long before online courses and degree programs would have been even considered a reality.

Founded in 1885, ASU has grown to be the largest public university in the United States with over 800,000 students and many different programs in both undergraduate and post graduate studies. One of the main reasons why US News & World Report gave ASU such a high rating among other state universities is because its online program offers a highly interactive delivery system which engages the student in his or her studies. Furthermore, ASU carries a wide variety of different undergraduate programs for new students and graduate programs for those who want to finish their carriers.

How do I know if ASU is the right fit for me? Several points that make ASU stand out from other online schools is that it is not the cookie-cutter online school, as many others are. The school features a diverse and highly qualified faculty which includes Fulbright and Pulitzer Prize laureates. Furthermore, the online courses offered by ASU are of the same caliber as the courses on campus and many of the same faculty members who teach courses on campus also are connected online. In fact many of the online lectures are recorded from the actual lectures which were held on campus.

What if I started my studies at another institution? Not to worry. We do understand that many colleges and universities expect you to take some kind of exam or retake courses to get your credits recognized and put towards your diploma, however, at ASU, that’s not the case. As long as your previous instruction was a fully accredited college or university, on campus or online, all your credits will automatically be transferred over to ASU.

What online degree programs are offered at ASU? Well, basically, when it comes to undergraduate studies, you have a wide variety of programs to choose from. Some of these programs are listed below.

  1. Engineering is one of the biggest programs offered at ASU. Some of the. Programs offered in the Engineering Department include a BS in BSE in Electrical Engineering, BS in IT, BS in BSE in Software Engineering, BS in Graphic IT Engineering, and more.
  2. Health and Healthcare is another program offered online at ASU. In the Health Department, you have online programs which include Nursing, both RN and BSN, BAS in Health and Applied Sciences, BS in Nutrition Communication, BA in Global Health, and more
  3. Criminal Justice and Public Policy is also a hot topic today and many courses are available at ASU. Some of the degrees offered in Criminal Justice and Public Policy include a BS in Criminology and Criminal Justice, BS in Political Science, BA in Political Science, and more.

There are more online degree programs and despite being a state university, the programs available online at ASU are 100 percent online, so you won’t have to travel to Arizona to take certain classes. For more information about ASU, click here.

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