Get your Online Degree from Southern New Hampshire University!

One of the latest universities which we found getting into the online education market is SNHU with its online degree programs offering online education in many different fields.

The history of SNHU begins in 1932, when the school first opened its doors to be an accounting and secretarial school, to accommodate the growing business market and educate students to meet the needs of businesses requiring people who needed secretarial skills, such as typing, stenography, and other skills needed to operate many of the office machines which have since been replaced with the desktop and laptop computer.

By 1974, SNHU became one of the first large state universities to offer degrees in business administration and other critical fields in today’s job market.

As of today, SNHU has grown to have three major schools, the SNHU School of Business, SNHU School of Education, and the SNHU School of Arts and Sciences.

What online courses are offered at SNHU? There is a wide range of degree programs and levels which you can work on when enrolled in the SNHU online degree program. Some of these degrees are listed below.

  1. Accounting is one of the specialties which SNHU has been known for since its inception in 1932, when it was specifically designated as a school of accounting and secretarial sciences. This degree program not only educates you in all the necessary accounting processes of today’s business world, but also all the crucial accounting practices to protect financial assets of today’s corporate world, such as forensic accounting and examining fraud. At SNHU, you can earn a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Associate’s degrees as well as certification.
  2. Online Art and Design is another program available at SNHU with both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs for 3D Design, Digital Photography, and Information Technology.
  3. Online Business degrees also come out as one of the specialties available from since the SNHU School of Accounting and Secretarial Sciences was founded in 1932. Online business degrees at SNHU include Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Associate’s degrees as well as certification programs in Business Administration, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management, Nonprofit Management, Small Business Management, and more.

There are more programs available at the SNHU Online School. To find more information about the different online programs available, click here.

How about financing? The school does have a list of fees and tuition and many of them are listed here. Financial aid is also available for students who are looking to take online courses at SNHU. To find out more, click here.

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