What are the Best Online College Degrees for 2017?

Online education is one of the biggest revolutions in higher education in the 21st Century. Why is online education taking off so fast and what are the benefits? Basically, depending on what field you are going into, doing your higher education completely online might not be recommended or possible.

What are the benefits of online education? Online classes do have many benefits for obvious reasons. If you have a busy schedule with work and children, online classes can be a great thing. However, you might still want to take some classes on campus. Many online colleges, such as the University of Phoenix or Ivy Tech offer both.

Which are the best online universities of 2017? Well, according to find.onllinecolleges.com, it all depends on what field you are going into. You can actually get all the information you need by simply typing in your age, street address, time you want to start and typing in your email and phone number.

You can also use this site as a guide to help you choose the right school for you. Some of the schools listed on online colleges.com include some of the top schools in the country and these include the following.

  1. American Public University, which is a University which caters to our men and women in the Service. Their companion university, American Military University is also dedicated to their founder’s mission, which is offering the best education to the military and their families. American Public University is also dedicated to people involved in public service as well. You can find more by clicking on www.apus.edu.
  2. Great Basin College is second on the list on onlinecolleges.com. Great Basin College or GBC has been considered one of the top online colleges in the country by various accrediting bodies, it was worth the while to be second to the top at onlinecolleges.com. This school offers a wide variety of different fields of study, including Bachelor’s, Associate’s, and Master’s degrees in a wide range of the most lucrative fields, including computer sciences, healthcare management, business, IT, and more.
  3. Central Georgia Technical College is number three on the list at onlinecolleges.com. This is also a good school with a broad online program. The school offers many online programs with degrees ranging in aerospace to IT and other engineering subjects.

Note that these schools mentioned above are based on information we retrieved by browsing the sites of the individual schools. Though onlinecolleges.com is a great resource, and by signing into their system to create an account with them to find the right school for you, you always should do your own research to see whether a school is a good fit for you.

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