Looking for the Right School but Have Trouble with your SAT Scores?

Back in the day, SAT scores could make or break your dreams of attending college, especially if you were just out of high school. This now no longer has to be the truth. Now, together with online education, many schools are lifting the SAT requirements for most of their degree programs, as long as toy can prove you’re college material.

Ashford University leads the way when it comes to making the registration process easier for new students. Most of the requirements to be eligible for any of the online programs which Ashford University offers are quite basic.

The first prerequisite for admission is that you have to be either 22 years of age or meet exceptional criteria from high school, such as high GPA or graduating with honors. To be admitted into Ashford University’s online degree program, you must have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. You must also prove that you are competent in the English language.

What are SAT scores? Basically, when you are a junior or senior in high school, you can take college placement exams which include the SATs, ACTs, and others. The SAT test is the basic of all the college placement exams. Many colleges require you to have taken the SAT exams simply to be admitted. That’s not all, though. Many of the prominent brick and mortar colleges won’t admit you if your SAT scores are too low.

Ashford University has a simple solution for this problem. It’s a fact that there are many people who simply don’t do well on tests. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are not competent to attend college. Some people are nervous when they take a big exam, such as the SAT, and others simply don’t have the time because of their jobs and family life. Ashford University understand this, thus they waive the SAT requirement.

How can I benefit with a degree from Ashford University? Ashford University is one of the most technologically advanced schools in the country. The benefit of Ashford University is that you can have a complete online experience wherever you go, as long as you have access to wifi or cellular data signal. Ashford University has a powerful mobile app which you can install on your smartphone or tablet, and you’re set. You can also access all your course materials on your computer.

Ashford University also has its own social media app to allow you to collaborate with other online students to help group study for different online courses available at Ashford University. For more information about Ashford University, visit their website at onlinedegrees.ashford.edu.

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