Indiana Might Be the Place to Get Affordable Online Degrees

If you are looking for a good online degree program, you might want to try out the Indiana Wesleyan University, located in Marion, Indiana. Indiana Wesleyan University has become a fully accredited school with over 80 online degree programs.

Academic programs available at Indiana Wesleyan University include the following:

  1. Business is elaborately covered at Indiana Wesleyan with both associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in Accounting, Business, Computer IT, and more. Furthermore, Indiana Wesleyan also has master’s programs in business with degrees in Business Administration, Business and Personal Financial Planning, Healthcare Administration, and more. You may even be able to complete your doctorate at Indiana Wesleyan, plus there are also certificate programs available as well.

  2. Communications is also covered at Indiana Wesleyan, but the School of Communications is more limited compared to other schools. In communications, you have bachelor’s degree programs in Human Communication Studies. Along with a bachelor’s program, Indiana Wesleyan in Communications includes some certification programs which can be completed online.

  3. Computer Sciences can also be studied at Indiana Wesleyan, with both a bachelor’s and associate’s programs in Computer Information Technology and Business Information Systems.

  4. Criminal Justice is a huge program at Indiana Wesleyan University. In Criminal Justice, there are Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s programs available along with certifications as well.

Along with the above mentioned programs, Indiana Wesleyan University also has programs for Counseling, Psychology and Social Work, Wesleyan Seminary, and Education. To find out more about programs available at Indiana Wesleyan, click here.

How affordable is Indiana Wesleyan? Indiana Wesleyan is very affordable with flexible course programs and financial aid available to eligible students. Indiana Wesleyan offers a good variety of financial aid programs including grants, scholarships, loans, and military and veterans benefits. There are also certain tuition reimbursements available with vocational rehabilitation programs which work together with the university.

Indiana Wesleyan University does offer a wholesome program for online students in many of the key fields in today’s occupational world. To see if Indiana Wesleyan University is the right fit for you, click here.

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