Take Advantage of Online and On Campus Programs at Full Sail College

If you are the creative type or your children are college bound and are looking for a degree in Fine Arts, then you might want to be looking at Full Sail College. Located in Winter Park, Florida, this eccentric art school offers online and on campus programs, as well as some programs which are combined both online and on campus, depending on what you want to major into.

Full Sail University does offer programs in both bachelor’s and master’s programs in fields ranging from Creative Writing to Media and Internet Marketing. Some of the programs which are available on online only programs are listed below.

  1. BS in Audio Production is an online degree program available in the online only format and the duration of the course work is for 32 months. In this program, you are able to learn the future of audio production. This program is designed for people who want to go into radio or internet radio, and you will learn how to do audio production, sound editing, and more with the right computer technology, this can be a productive program for those who want to go into communication and radio.

  2. MS in Business Intelligence is a field for today’s fast pace world. In business intelligence, you learn to study large amounts of data to solve problems for large corporations. Business intelligence can also be used to help corporations deal with corporate espionage or help companies protect intellectual properties and more. The duration of this program at Full Sail lasts one year in the online only format.

  3. MFA in Creative Writing is a course plan in an online only format which lasts one year. You will learn how to develop your writing style and how to write award-winning stories which can earn large sums of money in either ghostwriting or in getting them successfully published with a large publisher.

  4. BS in Digital Cinematography is also available at Full Sail University in an online only format which lasts 32 months and teaches you the proper understanding of cinematography and what the difference is between digital and analog cinematography. You will also learn how to use all the right programs for professional cinematography for editing and creating films to create anything from movies and documentaries to TV shows and commercials.

There are many more programs which are both in online only format or online and campus and online format. To find out more about the programs available at Full Sail University, click here.

What makes Full Sail University stand out from other like schools? Well, basically, Full Sail University is a one-of-a-kind school which puts the learning environment into real-world situations. You have access to an experienced staff and faculty who has the knowledge about the available technology and how to incorporate the latest technologies with your creativity. For more information, click here.

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